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Promoted Property Schema


Nice Tool, it really speed up things.

I have one issue. In the map I made I have a CSV file as input with a lot of items number and it maps over to a in-house format. The in-house format have a property scheam on it, where I promote the property needed to route the new made schema.

Now the issue is that non of my promoted property is set in the map so I can route the new schema after when the map is done :-(

I made the map with the default BizTalk database tools and when I hit 10000 rows to go true it took some time to get out in the other end (like 2 hours)
The only thing I did was removing the default BizTalk Database Lookup and Value Extractor from the map and replaced them with the Execute Query and Extract Data tools. In the develop environment then map test out fine, but when I deploy the project and look at the context I have no promoted property.


Trasher wrote Apr 15, 2014 at 11:46 AM

Never mind this. I figured it out.

Hade to install the DLL to the gac manual before it worked.